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Hello Kitty Dresser: How it all started.

I guess the there are several things that contributed to mydresser1 need for a creative outlet: After teaching high school students for ten months, a teacher needs a mental break. My first piece was requested by my daughter, who wanted a Hello Kitty Dresser. After combing the internet, I quickly discovered that a Hello Kitty anything was going to cost a small fortune.  Small fortune and teacher salary are polar opposites. Ha! I would set out to create my own version. I picked up this vintage dresser at the local Goodwill.

After a good cleaning and a quick prime. I spray painted the base with Rustoleum Berry Pink Gloss. The top was spray painted with Black Gloss, also by Rustoleum. Using a a sample of the Black Gloss paint by Rustoleum, I used a small brush to blacken the beveled details of the dresser. I decoupaged the drawers with scrapbook paper, finishing them off with a clear gloss. The front of the drawers were spray painted with a metallic chrome paint, which was the nightmare of the entire process!

Once, the paint was dry, I added a Hello Kitty Decal to the top.  centered it, and I sealed it with a clear poly. I added two removable decals, one on each side of the dresser as well. I figured if she ever outgrows this, removing the two can appear to be a more “big girl” look.


Here is the finished product all dressed up and in her home. What do you think?



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